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Astounding Magic Set with DVD

Astounding Magic Set with DVD

With over 150 cool tricks to perform the Astounding Magic DVD set is one of the best magic kits Fantasma has ever made. 

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Included in this truly astounding set are such classics as the Linking Rings which link and unlink instantly, yet they all appear to be perfectly solid, the Cups & Balls, the oldest and most famous magic trick in the world, the Card Box, that makes cards appear, disappear and change into other cards, the Appearing Soap Bubble, a real soap bubble turns into a solid one that can actually be handed out, the incredible Squeeze Through, in which a solid borrowed ring passes through an impossibly small hole and the Fantasma Phantom deck. With this deck you can have a card selected and in a blink of an eye all the cards turn into the selected card!
This set is ideal for magicians 6 and up, but many adult magicians choose the Astounding Magic DVD set when they want easy to do, yet professional level magic.
In addition to the amazing close-up magic tricks you will learn, you also get the amazing Arm Twister illusion, perfect for your next stage show. You simply put your arm in the box and rotate it around and around to the astonishment of all your friends! You also get the Die Penetration, a large die is placed into a tube that has a solid board in the middle of it, yet the die passes all the way through to the bottom, just like magic!

The Astounding Magic DVD set comes with a written instructional manual as well as a DVD with many of these great tricks fully demonstrated to make learning a breeze. Just as with all of the Fantasma Magic kits, the Astounding DVD set comes with the endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the largest magic organization in the world, seal of approval.

Great for ages 6 & up!



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