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ScienceWiz Kits: Energy

Learn about global warming.
Discover what energy is, how it is generated now and what choices await us in the future. Build a solar car and join the race to save the planet!


Ages 8 to 80
48 page science book with materials

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Major Awards

  • Dr. Toy's Top 10 Educational Toys, 2006
  • Creative Child Magazine Award
  • A favorite with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (Golden, CO)

22 Activities

  • Build a solar racer
  • Launch a supercapacitor car
  • Make an electric car
  • Spin a flywheel generator
  • Build a battery to light an LED
  • Do a kinetic chain reaction
  • Store potential energy on your head
  • Discover how solar cells work
  • Focus the suns energy with lenses


Children learn about every aspect of energy--its various types (e.g. solar, magnetic...), forms ( e.g. kinetic vs. potential), and uses. In addition, this kit teaches children about the choices we face in the future:

Where will our energy come from?
How can we make the best use of our resources?
What is best for our environment and health?


As with the entirety of the ScienceWiz line, the kits are accompanied by a booklet written specifically for children. The writing is clear, concise, and easily engaging, complimented strongly by clever illustrations.


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