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Juggling Balls

Three Colourful Juggling Balls to suit all skill levels

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No matter what your age or skill level, you can learn to juggle with this colourful set of balls. The set consists of three soft balls plus an instruction sheet showing you step-by-step how to juggle three balls at once. Once you've got the hang of it, you can search online for more difficult tricks. Who knows, maybe one day you may even be good enough to join the circus!

Get this set of juggling balls today and develop or maintain your juggling skills.



  • Set of 3 Juggling balls
  • Multicoloured juggling balls
  • Soft design (so you don't hurt yourself if you drop them)
  • A great gift idea!
  • Colour (Each): Red, yellow, blue and green
  • Ball Weight (Each): 55g
  • Ball Dimensions (Each): (L) 6.5cm x (W) 5cm x (H) 5cm, (Circum.) 18.5cm


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